Swinging Ditty from a Misunderstood

[Author’s note: best if song is played when shown]

an Irish’d-coffee to warm the belly on an overcast morning. no plans for the day. a kind of day where casual walks takes me to wherever my feet decide, without a care in the world. While absentmindedly staring at my phone, a peculiar sound caught my ear.

[snap    snap    snap    snap    snap]

there he was. standing under a small pine tree on top of a hill.

a teen boy in skinny jeans and a tshirt 3 sizes too big, singing out in a booming baritone with a growling edge, snapping fingers keeping a steady groove…

taking another sip, I listened to what he had to say:

I’m Mr. Big Mouth
At least, that’s what the legend states
Oh, Mr. Big Mouth
Nothin’ ever ever goes my way

As far back as third grade
teachers always would say
“Boy, ya ain’t nothin’ but trouble,
keep runnin’ ya mouth ya gonna get a muzzle!”

Not stopping to think maybe, just maybe
I was just a wee bit afraid

Not stopping to question, “Hey
maybe this kid knows a lil something about just how fucked up life is!
maybe we should [perhaps] do more than grill him [oh gosh maybe!]
about why he didn’t bother [who even cares?]
to finish his pop quiz!”

But noooooo, they called me Big Mouth
too smart for my own good
and the legend grew
throughout my childhood

I’m Mr. Big Mouth
just tryna make my way
Oh, Mr. Big Mouth
clashin’ with the birds of prey…..

i couldn’t help but notice that behind him was a high school in session & it was 10:30am on a weekday.
i walked over to him, so transfixed, i didn’t even question where the horns were coming from.

a general life rule of mine: if a street musician makes you stop and listen for a moment, you owe them a dollar.
i gave him $100.

THank y-you SO M-m-much,” his voice squeaked out, a puberty-wrecked contrast to the rumbling resonance of his song. He stuffed the bills in a pocket of a tattered bookbag that lay by his feet, overflowing with crumpled school papers. He flashed me a bright blended smile that revealed naivety with an undercoat of Sly.

i tipped my coffee to him with a grin and continued on my way. i heard a rhythmic snapping begin again as he faded away with distance.

I’m Mr. Big Mouth…

instrumental song credit: All Bets Are Off [Cuphead Soundtrack]


Josephine II

under a pale streetlight

not getting any older
frayed strap around my shoulders

strumming a jig to no one in particular

the beatniks and the part-time rejects come to stay
to watch the wonder on display
of a wild jester at play

grooving to a funky tune

notes whisper sweet as crème brûlée

words are seldom heard

lost in the sound typhoon

whisper: Soon…soon…

butterflies in hearts flapping fast & swooned

under a pale streetlight

no streetlight in particular

Source: Josephine II

Blooming LotusfloweR

I’ve harnessed the powers to forever disrupt the statehood
Feelings of euphoria swaddle me like a nostalgic childhood
No longer shall these fingers pick any more cotton-wood
to satisfy desires from wicked ivory hoods

better than good better than good better than good


love redeems
perhaps I’ll see them in all of my dreams

Source: Blooming Lotus
Source: LotusfloweR


say it ain’t so
I’ve been moving to and fro
without giving my body permission to do so

how scary it is
to lose control so
easily, at the drop of a hat

why’s it gotta be like that?

Swan Song of The Common Damned

Mommy, talk to Yahweh
before it’s too late

everything is wrong & lost in a smog
buy me a ticket and ship me off to Hong Kong
before this world erupts.

Mommy, talk to Yahweh
before it’s too late

and the late is getting close, I’m afraid
my sanity is matching the world around me
I have nothing left & few words to say

if you’re dead before the dawn is done

don’t say I didn’t warn ya.


Mommy, talk to Yahweh
before too long

better hurry before I finish this song
it’s only a matter of time so let me know
if you wanna come along
before this world goes up in flames.