“The Hooch” -An Exercpt

“I need a drink”, he thought as he backed out of his driveway.

Tired of facing the harsh realities of what is stitching his life together, Sebastian often found himself turning to the healing powers of The Hooch to soothe, a manifested bridge over the troubled waters that surrounded him.

The Hooch has never lied nor expected anything from him. The Hooch has never taken anything from him. The Hooch just is what it is.

His love for The Hooch started as a simple puppy love. A warm bubble bath that caressed his sore muscles back to a manageable state of indifference. It was a kiss on the forehead after a bedtime story from the parental figure he had always imagined. The honeymoon phase of a burgeoning relationship.

Sebastian had never had a relationship go steady for more than a few months at a time. Once the sugar started to spoil and maggots formed, he’d always thrown it out, expecting to be able to find a replacement sweetener with ease.

But sugar is hard to find these days and aspartame doesn’t do the trick. There’s an aftertaste that follows the sweetness that he never cared for.

The Hooch is always there.

After time, he started finding larvae within The Hooch but couldn’t bring himself to throw it out. The Hooch has seen the best and worst of him and has never turned its back. Still, he found it difficult to ignore the bugs that were beginning to sprout.

The bubble baths became pools of blood. The kisses on the forehead felt like they came from Vito Genovese instead of a loving parent. The familiar love morphed into an authority figure from a super power he no longer recognized.

But The Hooch had never lied to him before and Sebastian had no real reason to believe it would start now.

The Hooch just is what it is.

“Fuck it,” Sebastian thought as he drove down the usual stretch of road to a destination he’d gone to many a time before.

Let The Hooch be the lighter fluid to ignite all the bridges left in ruin from years of neglect. Let The Hooch lift him upwards towards a new plain of transcendence that he never thought imaginable in his default state. Let The Hooch warm the cold parts in his body and reinvigorate the parts of him he had long forgotten existed.

The Hooch just is what it is.

He approached the cash register and realized he was 75 cents short.

So he bought a bottle of soda instead.


The Morning Exemplum

You turn around and hit the snooze button on your alarm clock again. You hear a voice tell you that it’s time to wake up and stop procrastinating the inevitable. The voice goes on to list your daily responsibilities and obligations, what to make for breakfast, and mentions how you forgot to pick up coffee creamer the night before.

Then you wonder why there is a voice inside your head dictating everything that you should be thinking.

Now the voice is describing itself being considered by yourself. In other words, you’re thinking about a voice describing you thinking about how it’s describing your thoughts.

So you try and imagine the possibility that the voice is merely a projection of some deep selfconciousness that you weren’t aware of before and will go away if you believe hard enough.

But doing so seems impossible since the voice is now contemplating the fact that it may be a mere prognosis of your imagination and is considering the possibilities that could arise if you kept thinking about it & how it’s a mere imagination & how it is thinking along with you on how to stop its existence.

So you stop and try to make your mind a blind slate to see if the voice stops, and it does.

Are you waiting for the voice to speak or is the voice waiting for you to commit an action for it to dictate on?

You lie back down and pull the covers up to your chin, refusing to make another move. You hear the voice say I would advise against that. So you kick off the sheets and scream as loud as your voice allows, asking what to do next.

The alarm clock sounds for the third time and you shut it up, but this time, you don’t push snooze.