pop will go your spot when the fervor gets a little too much

if it’s just some kind of fling

then why does purple electricity appear whenever my mind thinks of The Thrust?

trust. when i tell you that
something inside of me is chugging ’round like a train
something inside of me, all up in my membrane
what is the meaning of thisĀ purple-charged lust?

it can’t be ignored so i guess, i guess….
I Must

with your consent
we’ll both be content

the beast with two backs
an aroma of fresh coffee in the air
with a side of Cream

silky & sweet
goes down smooth
if you know what i mean

a kind of dream
just fun, nothing ethereal
take the superficial and let it drop
& let’s get on with the ShaBoogie-Bop

Daily Prompt: Sparkle



a negative space
once soft eyes burned through my soul
like hell fire coals

that is when I knew
no water would save me now
gnashes to ashes


where is the cure?

that’ll make you see me as pure
that’ll take all my ugliness
& plunge it into space

maybe it’s because I’m the wrong race
maybe there’s too many imperfections on my face
perhaps my very being is a disgrace
forget about the past, I’m done with that place

but now I can’t seem to hit the right notes
what key am I even in?

it’s anyone’s guess
when did it all turn into such a huge stinking mess?

it became such a charade
a fantastical shit show parade
may as well make a toast with expired strawberry lemonade

where is the cure?

to stop the tears from my eyes
from falling upon what was once a daily beautiful surprise
but turned out to be merely a guise

tears, turning the Earth’s dirt into mud
caked under the crevices of your black Adidas
with a final, sickening thud


I am a lonely sinner
some may say i’m not okay
as i live in my box,
a box full of scribbled & ignored music notation paper
holding a pen with no ink

some same say only the Holy know what to say
when living in a box all alone
a single tear drops in my nappy garden
& wets the paper with splotches

dots. notes. sprinkle on, starkid, like the purple rain drops of yesteryear

that sing a melody that reminds me of you somehow

maybe i’ll let it play as i pour another drink


i went looking & found something
something i’d been looking for

oh, something that’s been on my mind
today, yesterday & so many days before

i found what i was looking for
for no other reason than to seek validation
towards a concept i deplore

i can’t feign the funk, its always been there
no sense in being enthralled by a faux chaotic figment of lust

still i can’t ignore the thoughts of you
that float by my eyes every time a dove cries

they always take me by surprise
sets me afloat to who knows where
a place far off in the future….or before

who knows
i’m not counting the days anymore


wherefore art thou, bloomage?


who am I without you

when we’re not touching

nor thinking of one another?

who am I without you really 

you’ve brought out the best in me 

is it still there when you’re not around?


Stone Cold Crazy In Love with You
i think. 

don’t take that the wrong way, babe

i want you so bad it hurts, it hurts
trying to be good but you love it when i’m bad
it’s driving me absolutely mad
the things i would do for you
on you. in you.
your mind, not your body, silly fool

is this love? is it real? Or is it just a phantasm I feel?

i feel half as free as before. Flipping through several volumes of dictionaries in desperation to find a way to define the deep down unnecessary happiness leaking splashing around inside of you, inside of me, blurring us upsidedown

feels like indigestion at the very least
guess i’m still a sucker in the specter factory, oh oh
No means yes when it calls for it ’round those parts

a part of you
an extra large case of you
a foutain of you built for 2

half as free only if i continue to be but i’m

Stone Cold Crazy in Love with You


Can U Relate?