i died yesterday

i was solo, so low i

forgot I’m still here



a negative space
once soft eyes burned through my soul
like hell fire coals

that is when I knew
no water would save me now
gnashes to ashes

Eye No U

Piss in the pot of
justice, while i look beyond
time. This I do know

will only survive
the cosmic thrust from The Great
Divine, faith & a

pinch of trust. Intense
scrutiny hovering from
the side at all times.

I’ve seen beyond time…
Its not real, its not out there.
Relax. That’s a must.


An underlying
Stink of rot lingers within
your sweet aftershave

Eyes that once shined bright
like a fluorescent lightbulb
Now mere hollow chasms

Spider veins travel
from your brow down to Yellow
Tinted fingertips

Your heavy whiskey
breath knocks me out and I dream
Of the man you were