Piercing Slit

twist & stick the blade in
over & over & over again
as my crimson flows down into the wastebin
I’m sure you’ll mark this down as a win

but as I remember
who I was and who I am
over time I realized
my life force has intensified by getting to know you

No, not you.
the only One can who can truly rule in this sacred land

so keep twisting if you must
I feel no pain
as long as I side with the truth, I can only gain
the power fantastic
the power to give love one more try

even as my crimson flows
I know because You
I know I can never truly die

via Daily Prompt: Puncture


she swore she’d never give in but her heart is under arrest again
she wrote the letter with a toxic pen
the keyholder is near but hasnt dropped in

the weight of going back on her word… is enough to blind her to the absurd
words of a rambling vagrant not seeking alms,
a tongue holding 1-of-a-kind wisdom,
left behind, whispers in the wind:

“That’s alright now, dearie, ’tis tales for another time. Everything’s gon’ work out fine.

she hears not the words so sweet
nor her loved ones reaching out through text or tweet
steady shuffling along Fleet Street

atop of a perch she falls
momentum whipping her hair towards the skies
dermis a’freezing under the grey overcast cries
eyes closed
ready to embrace impact

A beat.

instead of the sea she finds herself lying on green
she opens her eyes and it’s clear to see
less a plummet from atop of the summit
& more of a glide
saved she was from the great divide

“Not now nor ever,” she proclaims, rising to her feet.
“I shall never give in again.”