Sleep, We’ve Been Over This Before…

a neverending nightmare
like a toxic case of a deep down ugly spell
whittling away at my health points in a role playing game

sleep is, once again, becoming less a temporary break from the ridiculous nature of our collective consciousness that we are forced to participate in & becoming more of a continuation of the same, that I have no control over

oh, how my dreams mock me
broadcasting my failures & teasing me with optimistic subliminal images of what could, should, happen in the future
a remote in my hand that doesn’t work
involuntarily watching what ever happens to be on

like a bird in flight snapping its neck against a squeaky clean window
it’s getting harder to know if I’m going the right way

please just let me rest
that’s all I have to say


Basics & Essence

Delusions pirouette atop mounds of grey blob
toes crooked heels cracked
flakes fall, ash footprints left to fossilize in cerebral matter
dance dance the night away
pounding stomps beat a cardiac arrest,
smoke billows out of ear blood leaks and splatters onto tree skin
a seemingly system breakdown now and forever more
until infinity, a jester at work
footprints proof of payment etchings on the grindstone
zeitgeist poltergeist on a rampage,
a ferocious search for footprints in plain sight
quoth the raven and embrace the rhythm
always and forever