Love Seed

There are days where I don’t particularly feel anything
More days than I care to even fathom
Days where any sensation seems to pass over me with no bearing
As if I were merely a phantom

Drifting along in space without a suit, no oxygen to breathe
You’d think that would be cause for alarm
Perhaps it would
If it weren’t one of those days

More days than I care to fathom
Makes me wonder if Time is actually passing at all
Is it like smoke?
Does the inside of Pandora’s box simply not care
or is the punchline missing from this big cosmic joke?


These days are not everyday
at least I’ll tell myself that while I continue to be
& squeeze my eyes until they’re ready to bleed

letting the tears water my Love Seed

Come Here

I hear you
can u hear me

Why do the good die young
While evil lives in various forms always one halfstep ahead

Why why why why can’t you seem

Why why why why seem to see what we see

Oh why

Precious darling Lotusflower

kiss the night and stand in the rain
‘long as I’ve got you, sweet babe
i can take it flaws & all
& I’ll  chill


Dream Away on’a Rainy Day

Trees aren’t thinking about how long they been growing nor how old they are

the true high skyscrapers, extending their hands out to god

No thinking necessary. They just are.

23 or 123 years of life makes no difference.

The concept of time is unnatural. Time isnt really moving anywhere.

But we’re flying all the time.

Where we’re going, I don’t have a clue

so you might as well enjoy the view.