if I don’t think about the fact that I’m in solitary
pretend to not see hellfire in the skies
ignore the accusations of heresy


to say otherwise would be blasphemy
‘cuz this is the best day of my life

if i ignore that i feel half as free as before

flipping through several volumes of dictionaries in desperation
to find a way to define the deep down dark icky leaking & splashing about inside
blurring the world upsidedown, spinning the wrong way ’round
feels like a bad case indigestion at the very least.


for i declare


When The Music Stops

when the music stops…
last note from the last song fades into the background
the album’s spin is through…

that’s when you hear the sound
of an echo turning blue

then you feel the freeze
colder than the arctic


a lead-footed frost nips at your ears
’cause there’s no sound
to muffle the splashing of your tears

Little Wonder You

I now know what Joni Mitchell means by wanting to drink a case of someone 

I could drink gallons of you

I would bathe in you 

I’d hold my breath for as long as I could in you, drowning in all that you are

I’d buy your taste in a lollipop any day

If my organ grinded you into fine powder, I’d roll you up, dip & flip you, smoke you up, every inhale ecstasy of the highest order

A case of you is not enough

I want the source