‘Tis Only Up From Here

I was recently on my way from Point A to Point J of the day and the most unremarkable thing happened.

A strong gust of wind knocked my flimsy umbrella skyward, it’s wiry insides on full display like the talons of a large airborne dinosaur long since thought extinct. The sudden force of nature jilted me off of what ever track my train of thought was on. The rain falling on my face, muted sounds of whizzing-by traffic, and the firm embrace of crackled concrete sidewalk hugged my spine.

A twelve legged insect with a smarmy disposition skittered up to me, dodging the raindrops with ease as if it were controlling the weather itself, and whispered in my ear:

“Lovely day for it, eh?  Take care, brethren! ‘Tis only up from here!”

Its breath was heavy with the musk of many nights of one-too-many a long island iced-tea that mixed with the pungent humidity in the air like a funky ass perfume.

Yes, Overly-Jolly Drunken Insect. It’s always a lovely day for It.

Especially at this current junction. Here in the Year of our Lord, TwoThousandNineteen. A Year like all others that will come later and Years that have been left behind.

Right now & right then. A lovely day for it.

I left the useless bundle of wires on the ground and wiped the mud off my behind and looked down. The insect had disappeared as quickly as it had appeared, indistinguishable from the hundreds of other indiscernible dots littered across the pavement.

How is it that a most innocuous creature could conjure words so seemingly insignificant yet words spoken to me nonetheless. Words that may very well plant seeds that’ll sprout out facetious vines of subterfuge but nonetheless.
Words spoken to me.

I eventually made it to Point J, then X, and other Points not yet discovered in the human alphabet. It was an odd, yet thoroughly unremarkable, moment of that day.

A Day like all others that will come later and Days that have been left behind.

A lovely day for it, indeed!

P.S. Who the hell still says brethren?

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