the night feels darkest at 3am
no moon hangs in the sky

when the night gets this dark
anyone outside won’t get in alive

it’s a balmy autumn breeze
yet I can see my breath hangin’ in the air
the cloud flowing gently over my fading garden

maybe the morning sun will make me feel better
maybe it’ll be blocked out by the night,
continuously veiled & out of sight

the night feels darkest after the first tear fall
and it makes me wonder if there’s someone out there who really cares,
really cares at all
someone up there to let it dry up right

cuz this night feels so dark
darkest it has been in years
through the tears all I feel is The Fear

I can hear The Fear pumping through my veins
I wonder if through the thunder & the rain
so quiet
I wonder

 if I’m going insane


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