Stone Cold Crazy In Love with You
i think. 

don’t take that the wrong way, babe

i want you so bad it hurts, it hurts
trying to be good but you love it when i’m bad
it’s driving me absolutely mad
the things i would do for you
on you. in you.
your mind, not your body, silly fool

is this love? is it real? Or is it just a phantasm I feel?

i feel half as free as before. Flipping through several volumes of dictionaries in desperation to find a way to define the deep down unnecessary happiness leaking splashing around inside of you, inside of me, blurring us upsidedown

feels like indigestion at the very least
guess i’m still a sucker in the specter factory, oh oh
No means yes when it calls for it ’round those parts

a part of you
an extra large case of you
a foutain of you built for 2

half as free only if i continue to be but i’m

Stone Cold Crazy in Love with You


Can U Relate?



5 thoughts on “Possessed 

    • A simple emotion carried too far
      An innocent notion carried to where I fall
      You ran and condemned me
      Slammed me with every venomous word
      But the bitch of a flame still burns me
      And if I am to suffer this curse so cruel
      You’re going down too

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