Does She Love Me 4 Me?

​Safeguarded against the most retched Forked Tongue with seeds that will sprout out facetious truths of yarn, breeding limited access to the sweet bosom of Hers Truly. 

What kind of life is that to squeeze from the fruit given from the tree?

If God were one of us,

would She acknowledge me?

Would She let me in? Be my friend?

Or would I have to cut off my fins and drown in

a heavenly blue pressure cooker?

They say She doesn’t care what you wear or how you comb your hair

Tell you any different, they wouldn’t dare

Are you merry? Are you Here? Are you There?

That’s really all that matters

bless this crusade, strawberry lemonade

Take breaks away from the manmade

you’ve got it made

perhaps someday…



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