The Deep Blue Dirty

seized up.  a mermaid caught in the nets

shaken up & twisted upside down 

seizing up like the long way round

like that poor mermaid

the known veiled, by a dark uncertainty, filled to the brim with no room to breathe 

“I seize your body all for me, bitch” a gurgling voice says from above the shine of the water 

the poor mermaid is scooped higher & higher until shore air jars her senses

hazy vision…throbbing headache…the whole shebang

Heh, look at her squirm!” a wad of inky tobacco splats onto the deck with a sickening thud

Unbeknownst to The Beasts, this poor mermaid

so poor, so fair

her squirming, her primal instincts in a state of shockwaving rage

Let’s reel her in, boys!” Another voice says, a beast with dirty fingernails

reeled in closer…closer…just above the railing of the boat….

A metallic shink, a flick of her hips
the sound of blade contact and the ripping razor samurai strength dips and a brilliant fountain of crimson

Oh no, our catch!” yells one


the swimmers return to their school of thought, the octopus stretches its tentacles

The beast’s head slowly drifting down a current 

the mermaid laughs and somersaults away

Never underestimate what you sea.


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