If you hardly know her

& would give her everything

If they’ve been together for a while 

& she still gets random bouquets 

If they look at him like a tall gingerbread 

& would they’d eat every crumb, dipping him in cold milk?

So what? All chances of success are as good as gold.

A dreamer has as much solid ground as a realist, if you ask me.

I’ve seen many a beast in my years and had become several during brief interludes. I know what drives them forth towards crooked paths with unlikely outcomes and hazardous walkways under treacherous conditions just for a taste. A taste of a moment where space feels unreal. A slippage of all the unmentionables into a super mini blackhole from an invisible dimension. 

This thirst can manifest itself into a wide variety of masquerades and can render an otherwise sound individual into fits of sporadic madness.

That right there’s the good stuff. 


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