Possessed #2

so afraid 

i feel you in the rain
as the pores seep in
tears fall i’m sure
can’t rightly tell
on Earth so pure
rinsing away pain

insecurities swallowed down the drain

but still
so afraid
that after the rain
will i feel my soul shine
or still get drenched in more rain?

so afraid
but i will not surrender



unsure if i can trust what i don’t mind

& i don’t know what it is i can’t seem to find
i may live the wrong way
but i’m gonna wreck havoc 
every motherfuckin’ day

& i don’t mind

Do U?

do you dream in color, vintage sepia, or do you divide & minimize?

do you like to play, do you know how to walk that way, or do you treat everyone like notso conspicuous spies?

nothing stays the same, they say
do you find that okay?

do you live for water or dance with the flames?

do you lie, oh liar, or lie comfortably in the shade?

do you stay mindful?  should you be marked present or late?

do you hate or do you Live 4 Love?


didn’t know the power stored in my hair
until drops of purple rained down upon my head
nourshing the roots

didn’t know the beauty of my hair
until the sun came and shone down upon me
a radiant shine akin to the Fine Divine of an opened mind

didn’t know the fluidity of my hair
until a light twister wrapped it up on the right way ’round
blustering in the gusts of ivory ash and soots
standing firm & tall akin to ebony thigh high boots

a notion seen as obscene in many parts around

too many

still I shine

my right to shine
yes, your’s too

didn’t know I had the power to do it on my own
& that I am not truly alone

as long as I harness the power of my hair
I’m home

48…49…(Don’t Play The Fool)

“Hank, I swear I’m just not up for it today,” Robert says, grabbing a handful of last week’s peanuts out of a pail hanging from the side. “I’m so tired.”

Hank shakes his head as he looks around. “Yeah…and we’ve only been open for a few hours.”

The Sun hangs at it’s highest point of the day, hot enough to evaporate a cold drink in minutes. The place is a roaring vortex of loud runny nosed children tripping over themselves, uninterested parents jabbering into electronic rectangles, announcements mumbled out of squeaking speakers, & only God knows what else. A being riddled with anxiety would spontaneously combust instantly in here.

Robert continues monologing his existential woes while Hank eyes a gaggle of children of various shapes and sizes and feels a cold chill run down his spine as they start to walk over.

“…and the next motherfucker who messes with me is gonna get the business.”

“Terrorists, 2 o’clock,” Hank warns.

Full of dread, Robert slowly turns his gaze over to the group. He’s been working at the place for over a year & has a special distaste for children. Just yesterday, a chubby girl with pigtails spit on him and laughed. His eyelids twitches as he recalls that and many other instances. 

“How many times has it been? How many times have I been harrassed?”  He ponders. “Yesterday seemed close to the final straw…”

Steady yourself, Robert.” 

Robert breathes in & out, stopping a trembling that he didn’t know his body was doing, and relaxes his shoulders and closes his eyes. Maybe they’ll just leave.”

Hank opens his mouth but the sound couldn’t come out fast enough. As soon as Robert finishes his sentence, he felt a hard blunt object knock into his head. He falls out of his seat with a loud thud and rubs his head. He looks up and sees a boy with a red baseball cap and a smile with a grim disposition. His friends around him laugh hysterically.

His vision blurry, he gets up. A rock a few sizes away from boulder status at his feet. He grabs it and walks towards the group. The boy doesn’t flinch. Robert gets closer. Hank gulps and closes his eyes.

Robert reaches through the separation bars and grabs the boy by the collar.

The next day, a local newspaper’s headline reads:



Eye No U

Piss in the pot of
justice, while i look beyond
time. This I do know

will only survive
the cosmic thrust from The Great
Divine, faith & a

pinch of trust. Intense
scrutiny hovering from
the side at all times.

I’ve seen beyond time…
Its not real, its not out there.
Relax. That’s a must.


who am I without you

when we’re not touching

nor thinking of one another?

who am I without you really 

you’ve brought out the best in me 

is it still there when you’re not around?