Atop the flying buttress, several miles high up in the theater

the best seat in the house

Opera glasses suspended over the bridge of a nose

perched like the raven over the seat of 218 row J

Dragonsblood liquor sipped from winehouse crystal skulls

The stadium flashes in a cataclysmic lightning storm

Demons sing a haunting tune of holier times, completely in reverse,

as a pitch-violet figure appears center stage in a pink cloud

the figure speaks in a thunderous metallic voice that fills the space:


& poof.

house lights come on.

A banner drops down from the top of the stage.



Little Wonder You

I now know what Joni Mitchell means by wanting to drink a case of someone 

I could drink gallons of you

I would bathe in you 

I’d hold my breath for as long as I could in you, drowning in all that you are

I’d buy your taste in a lollipop any day

If my organ grinded you into fine powder, I’d roll you up, dip & flip you, smoke you up, every inhale ecstasy of the highest order

A case of you is not enough

I want the source

Rosy Cheeks

sweet sweet sugar particles cropdust the fairy air in an everlasting cyclone of nondisruptive yet dynamite power

accompanied by warmth, strong currents of the feeling of something good

roses bloom in unison, petals floating in every direction throughout the plain

a smorgasbord. a feast of decadent secretions from the organic greens that surround us all

Mother Nature knows all & shares what she pleases.

Once Upon A Time

The sound of a child’s laughter usually brings a smile to my face
but it soon fades, knowing I can’t laugh quite that freely now
Innocence lost

Though what grows must regress to an early state
I just hope I can laugh like that again
before I reach the heavenly gate

Erratic Attraction

unpredictable bitch

I never know what you’ll do next
I’m madder than a hatter whose been hexed
seized by a swirling vortex of MASS CONFUSION


the way you swish them hips
Baby, I can’t resist but I must
No one’s ready for this thrust

unpredictable bitch

Your voodoo possess & colors me perplexed
But my hoodoo created from sacred text
let’s me do as I please

unpredictable bitch

Watch out, baby, I got a guitar that could part the seas
Our powers combined could conjure galaxies
but that’s okay
I think I like it


Blooming Lotus

feeling good
even though I feel as though I shouldn’t, I’m
feeling good

better than good better than good better than good

Damn Skippy!

I’ve harnessed the powers to forever disrupt the statehood
Feelings of euphoria swaddle me like a nostalgic childhood
No longer shall these fingers pick any more cotton-wood
to satisfy desires from wicked ivory hoods

better than good better than good better than good

Doesn’t feel tangled in falsehood
not worried like you may think I should
because I can handle it

If that was misunderstood.

Dream Away on’a Rainy Day

Trees aren’t thinking about how long they been growing nor how old they are

the true high skyscrapers, extending their hands out to god

No thinking necessary. They just are.

23 or 123 years of life makes no difference.

The concept of time is unnatural. Time isnt really moving anywhere.

But we’re flying all the time.

Where we’re going, I don’t have a clue

so you might as well enjoy the view.


The Possession of Camille Parker

She awoke this morning and looked into the mirror to see heavy eyeshadow fading into many shades of flat blues, caked and smeared as if she had been wearing it for days & reapplying it without cleaning it off first… she does not wear make up.

Her morning tastes like sewer water though she made it the same way she does every morning. Why?

“Something inside of me,” she thinks, “is tweaking with my brain”¬† why why why

In rapid succession, her thoughts are racing, a never ending left turn.

“Something is the matter…” She thinks, still drinking her sewage coffee for the caffeine. “I don’t know but I…..I think I’m posessed.”

As soon as she said the words aloud, she knew they were true.
but why? and by whom?

This may warrant taking off a sick day from work but it’s a little hard to explain, no?

“A seemingly demonic force has taken up shop in my head space and I’m questioning not only my existence, but existence overall. Can I come in tomorrow?”

Can’t imagine that’d work out very well. She picks up the coffee pot to pour it out in the sink but instead of flowing out straight down, it pours upwards, leaving a leaking stain on the ceiling.

She blinks and does nothing for a moment. “Okay. Something is either completely fucked with my head or I’m possessed. Either way, I don’t know what I’m going to do.”

Pre Munity

Pull the reverse switch

Clock in


Pull the lever of Serenity

-OUT OF ORDER Call Maintenance-

Try as you might to move the reverse switch

stuck in position, lost superstition

tales of such in the handbook that outlines nothing useful

a switch covered in cobwebs in the upper right

too far out of reach, Ecstacy

Too far, your hand slips and pulls on the lever


Eventually the reverse switch moves forward on it’s own accord

bringing The Ride to a stop, glass doors slide open

You can only get as far back as your feet will allow

No need to clock out

You can never leave