Case Study: A Near Sighted Clairvoyant

Here we find a metatypical Creature, with a shining aura that smells of sweet peaches, in very typical surroundings. A room with urine colored wallpaper with swamp water green striping. Soft rubber runs along the edges of a coffee table and empty tv stand, which are the only furniture in the room that is presumably the living area.

The place is unnaturally quiet. No music, no lights, no beer, only tap water, musty air and sneaky sunshine slithering through small windows with dingy blinds. There are scratch marks on the oak floorboards, right between the seems of the wood panels, as if the boards have been lifted before.

This Creature seems to possess a special gift [A “Shining” for the laymen] of spontaneous peculiar prediction. Capable of seeing what is measured as 24 hours ahead into the future at a time. Images of car crashes, gunshot wounds, a group of rowdy bastards with iron knuckles, explosions, Fear; all from a first person point of view. Tremble, this Creature does at such ghastly sights! Rightfully so.

However, what this poor Creature fails to realize is that while it may be possible to predict the future in a general sense, it’s not a precise science. It cannot be guaranteed that the perspective you see is even yours. Fate decides which path we choose. Whether we choose the corridor with cotton candy or go down the one with a piano hanging above on a wire.

How much would this knowledge ease the furrowed brows and tightly hunched up shoulders of the Creature? Would it inspire It to open the door?

If for no reason other than to break the damned ungodly quiet that’s enveloped the place, as if we’re actually in space. [And at this point, it’s hard to argue that we aren’t!] The hellish inception of the deep down Icky that may erupt at any moment.

The Creature is hard to make out in the near dark and floating dust.

File Under: “Electric Madness”


  1. True George · June 26, 2016

    Indeed the visions only show a possible future, gives a chance to make a different decision to get a different outcome


    • fastidiouslyme · June 27, 2016

      True indeed. And it depends on if you can accept that there is no clearly marked “Right Way” and if your instincts can be trusted.

      Liked by 1 person

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