Take Me Away!

Screen Shot 2016-06-24 at 1.39.56 PM

So much time spent frantically running like an ant from a cackling sadist with a lit cigarette can leave you feeling a bit sluggish. Not tired. An actual slug with no brain, sliding about on mucus with no destination, other than perhaps finding loose table salt in a ditch.

No More No More

Get out of that world.

Build a spacecraft if necessary. A funky mothership connection to the far beyond, boldly traveling to places far beyond the human reach. Pure unsullied space where insults and shaming can not be heard. Unforgiving but not a relentless torment. Where the tick of the clock has no bearing, not a time zone in sight. Make a creme brulee in zero gravity and watch that sucker billow into unrecognizable shapes.

Such drastic measures shouldn’t be necessary but alas, here we are.

If a spacecraft is above your means, find an alternate form of extrasolar travel. Perhaps pop the doctor’s candy in your mouth and will your body into sprouting wings. Pray for a pious archangel to come give you a lift.

No matter the method…
It’s time to go.

It’s odd, I’ve made no claims til now… but lack of an affirmative declaration is the onset of the undoing.

All I can say is

No More No More


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