Tawny Talk

Shiny mahogany overcoat
over toasted chestnut layers
willowy wisps branching out
from a robust base
reaching out to greet
warm kisses from The Sun

Follicoles so royal, veiled by
Mother Earth’s natural camo
no breakage, no sweat, no need
for worries. Serenity, free from
lock & key to do as pleased

Red cardinals sing in harmony
with each sunkissed step
on and on and on like
a drumbeat, a living pulse
flowing through every being
driving the force towards
the sensual everafter

To come is to be
To be is to keep strife at a minimum
brown sugar & cinnamon
’tis the greatest ingredients
that keeps the dish of life
pure and free, so stretch out,
mahogany warrior, no need to ask
no need for permission
to kiss the sky
and have the kisses returned


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