Fair Cherub

Fair cherub
The monsters won’t hurt you anymore
They’re just fishes out of water
You’re an angel swaddled in sunshine, so don’t bother,
those beasts will stay away from this day forth
So, fair cherub
Dream Tall

Oh Fair Cherub!
No need to hold your tears back now!
You’d let them fall onto your being
cuz it ain’t below freezing
but you don’t even have a reason
for committing such an act now!
So fair cherub
Stand Tall

How’s that for a damn daily affirmation?

Is this offering enough to appease to this alleged higher power’s insatiable demand for bloodlust?

Far be it from me to tell the higher power what to do, but surely this should suffice as a replacement to the more archaic traditions of sacrifice, yes? Perhaps you haven’t gotten the several thousand other memos I’ve sent?

Please, be more direct from this point moving forward because we appear to be on different wavelengths.


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