An Urgent Memo from The Psycho’Desk


Bask in the heavenly ebony as the unbeautiful harpers caw away, red in the face; please ignore every elegy of non esctacy!
A vast disgrace when a confederacy becomes so willing to try an attempted remedy for an unbroken legacy.

Tsk Tsk. We can’t allow this to continue for much longer.

The Thumpasorus Folk will rise once again!
A brood, presently incubating, will extend out beyond earthly boundaries, and will bathe in an aura several thousand times better than any one of us can imagine. If we’re lucky we’ll be able to get a taste of that sweet nectar in this collective lifetime.
How does that sound? Surely you understand the magnitude of this, yes?
Basking in the heavenly ebony now, embracing it genuinely, we can expedite the process sans time travel!

Hark Hark! Duty awaits.


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