Violet rays of light beam down from between the clouds
over the tops of heads, hoods of cars, glaring smartphone screens
warming the grass and planting trees
even the insects stop their usual frenzied hurry
and enjoy a clam stillness for the first time in their short lives.

A symphony in E minor accompanies the change of light,
now overpowering the sun
a powerful mix of modern instruments
searing chords from a synthesizer
squealing cries from a distorted electric guitar
slap bass a-bumpin’,
steadying heartbeats and clearing minds.

But it was only for a moment.
One single minute to be exact.
The usual chaotic flow returned once more…
A gift from above of unknown origin
that’s what it was
blessings don’t come around often, it seems,
and is never so vivid

If you missed out on it
pray there’s another soon, my dear
and hope that the next time will last.


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