0 mph

Are you uncomfortable?

Do your bones poke your skin from the inside and you’re aware of it 24/7? Have you bitten the tip of your tongue off when suppressing a rage no one should see, no matter how much it’s deserved? Been touched inappropriately by an ape in a pinstripe suit? Have you stopped giving a baboon’s red rectum about much?

How many cases labelled as “tragedies”; how many tragedies with the exact same circumstances need to happen around the world before someone calls these tragedies out for being the blatantly prolonged purposeful travesty that it is?

[can u relate]

Pop Quiz: What on Earth is more dangerous than a human being? Write your response below with a #2 pencil. [Go on, I’ll wait, there’s plenty of time.]
Nervousness, anxiousness…are you psychosocial dysfunction in motion?

Control is a false sense. The only thing one can control is their actions, and even that’s not 100% true. Everything, every sense of control, is deception.

Does cement feel like blades of grass under your feet? Do the names of colors not make sense to you anymore? Have you broken a cigarette upon taking it out of the pack and found yourself on the verge of hysterics? Has The Fear been dulled down into The Familiar?

[Don’t even talk to me unless you see the moon during the day, and the sun at night]

If you answered yes to any of these questions, you are on the fast track towards success!



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