Erratic Behavior

20 years ago, Mario Kart 64 was released on Nintendo’s revolutionary home console. Its cutting edge 64-bit 3D graphics changed the world of gaming forever and has remained a gaming staple and likely will for generations to come.

I find it virtually unplayable now. The controls and gameplay hold up well, very well in fact.

but….just….look at it. If you’ve never played it before or can’t remember how it looks, go to youtube and watch clips from one of the hundreds of Let’s Plays that are sure to be floating around out there.

If you can’t be arsed to do that, then here’s this.

(TW: Moving Images, Bright Colors)


Admit it, the music started playing in your head.


Really look at that for a moment.

20 years ago, those graphics looked amazing. but now… all I see are sequences of code.
None of the characters are actually moving! The wheels aren’t even spinning!

It’s as if the track and the environment are moving around them. An entire life spent in one stationary space with the illusion of movement. What a dreadful existence that must be, amirite? cough

As a child, I never questioned how it looked. Not Mario Kart nor any classic game with graphics that are considered primitive now. That’s just how games looked. I’m not sure what to blame for this sudden change of

The typical jadism that comes from maturity? How far video game graphics have come in contrast to the past in terms of realism? That it’s something else for my brain to over-analyze about the modern world besides the deep dark debauchery? Some other reason that I would put here if I weren’t adhering to the bullshit Rule Of Three?

Or perhaps it’s because I’ve been making the darndest effort to look at things from a new perspective in hopes of reaching a new epiphany of enlightenment. Because different perspectives are almost always a positive thing and can improve your overall experience.



Pictured here: the death of an era





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