Thunder All Thru The Night

“How are you?”

I’ve been so goddamn unhinged lately that just the other night, I saw a series of brief bright flashes of light sporadically through the peeking-agoraphobic-neighbor space between the midnight curtains covering a window with no blinds, and immediately knew it was one of 2 things: A Man In Black spying on me or an UFO sending some indecipherable signal throughout the stratosphere. Those were the only options.
Without even considering that there’s this weather phenomenon. Oh, what is it called again..?

A cup, that was set on the very edge of the table, fell the very moment my grip loosened from it. The dull sound of it hitting the carpeted ground made me jump in the air as if I were a housecat and my maniac owner shot 3  rounds of a 9mm Beretta while I was in the same room.

A few minutes after that I walked downstairs to get something to drink and saw a ghastly apparition just in the corner of my sight

a very small orange-skinned man dressed in a jumper made from mallard duck feathers, wielding a blade almost as big as he was, cradling it in his arms like a baby, a smirk on his face suggesting he had far more sinister intentions than asking me to just hold it for a little while.

Imagine a demonic Oompa Loompa carrying a heavy grudge.

It was only for a fraction of a second but that was enough for The Fear to reach near-Peak levels, silent alarms to activate, and make me want to flee this solar system on the next available Go-Shuttle.

Turned out to be a grocery bag of trash I had left by the door some time before to be taken out to the dumpster.

Jesus Christ Almighty, how did I get to this point?

It’s every day with this kinda shit. I’m tired.

I really could keep going but hey. I know you have your own shit going on and don’t have the time to properly hear, comprehend & empathize with what ever the hell this is so,

“I’m fine, how are you?


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