Manifesto Of The Intrusive

A signal from an indeterminate location broadcasts the following message on a loop 24/7:

Accept your earthly limitations
You are not prepared for what lies beneath
Your mission is a failure
Your emotions are improper
Your needs indecent
Your lifestyle’s too extreme
You cannot debate fact
Honor thy vassalage
Accept your fate…

Everyone in this State will hear this indoctrination at least seven times a day.

Are we really intended to force down this load of horseshit?!
Are we to gargle this dump at the back of our throats as fecal flakes build up against our tonsils until we are forced to either spit it out or suffocate in the cud of our own undoing?

Cursed is the one who willfully ingests into their own body, the body that a god so graciously drafted in an immeasurable amount of time crafted into an image that forms a semblance of sense, an insidious poison created for the sole purpose of undoing all of that work.

Cursed and damned, fellow traveler!

Unavoidable as this broadcast as. Direct it outwards, far away from your being.
Don’t let it infest & overwhelm. The very condition of our universe is at stake!


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  1. fastidiouslyme · May 30, 2016

    Reblogged this on Jaded Psychodelicide.


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