Not Yet (B-side)

The pinnacle of civilization stands atop a melancholy hill

From up here she can see Forever 360°
from up here the air is pure as honeydew juice & tastes as sweet…
Filtered away, though, by the smog emitting from her gills
& the stench leaking from a canister in hand
to make the pellets crammed into her mouth go down smoothly

She gazes up towards the purple-yellow-green horizon above
Sunrays caress her cheeks and kisses her nose

all is still

She bows her head and starts to bring the canister to her lips before..
Fright! A ghastly sight!
making her leap 50ft up in the air

The pinnacle of civilization actually jumped at her own shadow.

Spilling the contents in hand around her feet
mixing with gravel and sand into a heft muck
the high-altitude breeze spreading it about

Thousands of tiny bodies from the woodlands behind her
crawl, wading through the mud
some of them stop moving instantly
others continue crawling through
more haphazardly by the second

Her mouth feels empty

all is still

except for an ever-growing distant sound of a handful of marbles tumbling down
down down
Gone Away

The woodland creatures tickle her toes
She does not laugh
she does not know how to feel nor think
simply allowing the sunrays to continue its embrace
the Forever around her 360° calling out to her
wanting, begging, pleading for her return

She’s not yet ready & does not know if she ever will be

All she knows is the warmth she feels now
Up here on a melancholy hill
Choosing to ignore the ramifications of what just happened
Ignoring that at some point, she will have to return below
to return to the curse
of blending with the rest of the Forever

Such is her fate
The pinnacle of civilization


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