2016: A Space Oddity [part 3]

A kaleidoscope of every object I’ve ever seen from every previous moment leading up to this one
currents circles around my vision like a cyclone.

downwards downward down down

The fall is blanketed by shrubbery that cushions the impact before crumbling into ash. My hands instinctively rub my backside to massage the pained area but the impact did not hurt. Around me, a barren badland.

The Sky is a metallic gray fading into a corroded orange
shrouded in thick exhaust fume masquerading as clouds.
Unforgiving jagged gravel plunges into my bare feet
(feet protected by soles of shoes throughout their existence are not cut out for unpaved terrain)
Clemency swells as each moment recognized as a human second passes.
Beads of sweat run down the nape of my neck and my shirt feels as if it were fusing with my skin in osmosis
it takes a tremendous amount of effort to pull it over my head and let it fall behind me.
No longer in my hometown
no longer on any charted land
no vegetation of any kind in sight, not even cacti.
No monuments, nothing recognizable.
Only dust, rocks, ash. The occasional rise of flat land into a mole hill.

If I had a GPS to triangulate my position it would give up and display a giant ?

Gravity heavy. The weight of Jupiter pressing down upon on my pores squeezing out every drop of moisture.
Walking in a direction with no name. Energy weakened.
On my hands and knees, crawling, battling against the dry ashy landscape.

Up a hill that brings me closer to The Sky
I reach up and run my hands through the tar black clouds that feel of grit and soot, leaving stains between the webbing of my fingers. I wipe my hand against a smooth rock and a dark smear remains lingering over the life lines on my palm.

Destination Nowhere. Outcome Uncertain. Point Remains To Be Seen.


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