Onward! Prance Away From Here

My shadowy silhouette must have stood out against the purple skies as I sat crosslegged in a heavy silence on top of a tall hill made from unfamiliar terrain. I say heavy silence for while I could hear nothing in particular, my mind had trouble comprehending such stillness and conjured phantom fallacies that whispered amaroidal nothings into my ear, humid breath brushing against my earlobe and sending frigid shivers down to my tailbone.

And in that moment I realized. Even on an alien planet, my human nature followed.

I stood up and peered into a powerful old dusty telescope that was already here when I arrived, perhaps left behind by a previous traveler. A familiar blue-green planet was in sight. I zoomed in as far as the telescope allowed.

And I could see Me, sitting at a bench at the park. Hunched over, one hand supporting my drooping head; and the other hand tapping away on a cell phone writing this post.



  1. izza ifzaal · September 19, 2015

    Very well worded

    Liked by 1 person

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