A Note of Gratitude

Runny-nosed politicians pouring pig filth in the cereal bowls of urban city school youths
sweet milk and dinosaur shaped marshmallows carefully sprinkled on top
Wipe your nose with one ply & dot your eye with the other, Mr Man
Open wide and say Aaah, another down the hatch
Thank you, sir..thank you

Half past a midnight nova’s circumcision
sssnip ssnip snip. Off goes the hood of those on stand by from this day forth
Those speaking heavy letters from tongues of lead weighing down the fairy air
Dip&flip them in tar the shade of raspberry jam
spread over the faces of the previous
left crusted & untouched by Mother Justice’s neglect
Thank you, ma’am..thank you

I have smoked the last cigarette many a time
coughed out lung chunks that drifted listlessly in the fairy air
Gone in the wind, falling into the pocket lining of Mr Man, Mister
Never Hungry. plenty of white toast and plenty’o’raspberry jam & for that I
thank you, sir.. & thank you ma’am, thank you

Silence fading to the uproar
long forgotten under the stale overcoat from the previous
Fading out from Harlem, from Dubai to D.C.
paint the stars with blood & make coffee with whatever remains
Cereal bowls are empty. PheePhyePhoPhum
thank you..

A long time between moon-shine, caught at the door
when in hand, out of space & time
sip the coffee made from whatever remains
by the memories of you and i, fading
into vast distance tugged along on thread by he and her
no thank yous..to Mr. Man & Mother Justice
who never existed at all.