Emerging From Muck but Who Gives a….

i had gotten lost in The Nothing a while back and didn’t realize until recently how far into the notsoquick-sand i’d sunk into.

At 0800 hours on no day in particular with a liver full of gumption and an altostratus billowing from my ears I emerged from the bowels of aught
stumbled through the place where light is not welcome
and found my way back to what’s known as
human civilization.

It’s exactly the way I’ve remembered – stark artificial madness.
And it has it’s own peculiar charm, I see.

I stood on a street corner and saw a handsome welltailored gentleman on his way to work to provide for himself
At the same time the next morning, I saw a weird hairless primate with a scrap of fabric tied around his neck in a giant metal box on wheels.
The day after that I gave him a thumbs up as he rolled past. He didn’t return the gesture.

There are people I’d like to revisit but I fear it’s been too much time and it wouldn’t be the same.
Resurrecting a memory they’d been trying to forget, ya know?
but maybe….

Yes. Yes, I think it can be easily done
when the time comes. In the mean time I’ll
go down and revisit Highway 61


One comment

  1. just straughter · April 3, 2015

    Good to read recent writing.. .


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