Memo from The Psych’o’Desk [Undated]

All history is gossip. Here-say from folks no longer here nor there. Must be a gene passed down through the generations that drives us to try and make sense of events leading up to the present moment, to take a crack at being prepared for what may be lying in wait like a bear trap in the future; though

True as it maybe that a clear understanding of the Previous could shed some light, getting to the point of it is like playing a twisted game of Telephone. You’ll end up with “the Mutated Cow Overlord’s first stage of revenge is complete!” when the original message was simply “Hey, the McDonald’s down the street ran out of burgers.”

Or imagine an excited child with a shovel on the hunt for dinosaur bones and only finding fossilized animal doo.

So just let it be.

And it’s alright if it can’t be left at bay. Whatever happens, happens.  & and the vestigial remains can be morphed into a pill that’s a bit easier to swallow in the future, though it may not go down quite right

because it’s a suppository.

Bottom line, nothing makes sense and that makes perfect sense. And there are more important things to be done than trying to rationalize the irrational.
Like Naked Truth & Extravagance.
Human Problems are Secondary