Questions I Don’t Have The Answers To

Wouldn’t wherever we end up be our destination, even if we didn’t understand the purpose?
Moreover, if there isn’t a purpose, does that make the destination any less valid and is it necessary that we know?

Do you reject the concept of God or a higher power solely due to past experiences with prejudices and long lists of inexplicable historical (& present) injustices and atrocities, or can you just not accept the idea that something may be bigger & more important than you?

Is home the place we run to or away from?

Is it possible to “sell out” your beliefs in order to live a healthy life while still living authentically?

What would a fish with bad posture look like?

If you ran into your doppelganger, a being that looked and acted exactly like you, would you recognize them?

Is fear really one of our most primal emotions or is it just so ingrained into our society that we can’t tell the difference?

Please write your responses in complete sentences and show your work.

…..but I don’t have a #2 pencil.


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