These Long, Long Legs

Let me tell you somethin’ about these legs
These legs have traversed over many lands
in search of a resting place

Hip bone connected to the thigh bone
thigh bone connected to the knee bone
knee bone connected to the ankle bone
I get so hung up on bones
That creak and crackle
step by step
day in & day out

These legs have been twisted in slipknots & ties
pried open to claim the prize
that sparkle like diamonds between my thighs
Sweet like nougat
hardened chocolate crunch coat
stumps whittled into figurines
that dance like music box dolls

These legs need bronzed
by the warmth of the sun
Wind to rustle through the
fine bristly black hairs
blowing ash from the crease
of skin folds

These legs never lose stride
moving calloused toes through ruff terrain
Artificial limbs sensing no finish line is near
These legs stride forever forward
Growing longer and longer
day in & day out

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