Tomorrow Belongs To ME

O Fatherland
Fatherland, show me a sign
This child has waited to see

In the darkest nights I close my eyes & I can feel the full volume of the room that surrounds me. Perhaps it’s because when you lose one sense, the other senses grow stronger. Or it’s another scientific mumbojumbo that only makes sense to those that actually take the time to research the matters. Nevertheless. These surroundings are foreign, though I’ve spent my entire life dwelling within them.

The future is an illusion that we project our fantasies onto. The truth is, there is no future. Only the present and the past. But with time, the past becomes a distorted illusion as well. Did it ever really happen? Does it matter? Perhaps. Perhaps not.

The only thing that ever matters is what you’re doing right now. Right now I’m writing this blog post. But does it matter? How many people will read it? How many people will care that I’m writing this? Maybe you’re reading this now. One of many tabs open. One of 9 tabs, 8 of them porn. Or you’re just scrolling down the WordPress Reader trying to find something interesting to read. Maybe you’ll like this, maybe you won’t.

It doesn’t matter, it’s not real.

I’ve said that phrase many times one historic night when I was twisted out of my mind. What makes something real? Is it being able to point to physical proof and saying, “there. that’s it.” Or maybe it’s more. Anti Drug propaganda often paints a picture of a person under the influence of LSD imagining that they’re being eaten by dogs and they die because they believe it’s really happening.

Maybe that’s why we love ghosts stories. (IN)sanity vs Reality is a time tested pot of gold. Are they being haunted by a real unholy presence or is that presence their own projection of their subconscious mind? It’s easier to blame a demon or a tortured soul in possession of a creepy looking doll.

Tomorrow. The Future. My eyes force out a salty discharge at the thought of what may happen and my lips dance skyward. I have seen the future and it will be……. I don’t know. And you don’t either. But it’s nice to have fantasies. They keep the dream alive though a dreamer alone can’t make a dream come true. The phrase is “Make your dreams come true”, not just “Dream”. That makes no sense.

Mindfulness is the practice of staying in the moment but when the present moment leaves a lot to be desired, one can not be blamed for having a romanticized vision of the future. But the future doesn’t exist.

but in time

The Morning Will Come
when the world is mine

and then
Tomorrow belongs



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  1. just straughter · October 1, 2014 always..I will process this good writing…perhaps as I ride that bus from Memphis to home…

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