A Slice Of This Life

Peering in the mirror
It’ll be fine
You’ll have fun
You’re dressed to kill
You’ll have a good time

Parking the car
Deep breaths
Resist the urge to light up again
Ignore that burning in your gut
You’ll have a good time

Walking in the door
Smile at everyone, act natural
Don’t look overeager
“Hey, how’s it going?”
“Oh, I’m alright”
“Oh ya know, Same old same old”
Don’t mind that everyone has returned to previous conversations

Walking throughout the function
Drinking a little bubbly to loosen up
Hey I know her, maybe I’ll join her group
Smile more, act natural
I agree with what she said
I saw that movie too and thought it was a tad overrated
I should probably say something
Well I can’t stand here and just look at them, Can I?
Ok I’m going to say that I saw the movie last weekend
Say it in 5…4…3…2……………………
Wait, they’re talking about something else now
Don’t know anything about this topic
Been standing here for who knows how long and haven’t said a word
Smile. Act natural.
“Pardon me, please”

Still walking throughout the function
Not loose enough, drinking more bubbly
Hey I like this song, I feel like dancing
No one else is though, maybe I’m the only one who likes it
Look at him. He’s grooving along with the music
Maybe if I dance next to him I won’t seem so out of place
Now we’re both dancing along, this is pretty fun
People are looking my way and smiling, must be doing something right
Oh, now the song is over so maybe we’ll all just….
Wait, they’re walking away
Do I follow them or do something else?

Dragging my feet throughout the function
The bubbly is making me feel some kind of way but not loose
Sit down in the corner and pull out of my phone
The light from the screen illuminating my face
Contort your features into something more approachable
It’s still early, party has just begun
Well what are you waiting for? Go have fun!
Ehh….something feels off
Go outside and get some fresh air
Take a moment. Light up. Go back in refreshed.

What are they doing so differently?
On second thought….

Driving away
Next time
It’ll be fine
You’ll have fun
You’ll be dressed to kill
You’ll have a good time


One comment

  1. just straughter · September 22, 2014

    I felt like I was standing there with you.. I ve been in those shoes many moons ago…

    Liked by 1 person

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