Time Warp Tickers. Nevermind…

It’s been said that you can get much higher off drugs than with them.

One day I swallowed 2 blotter acid strips chased with a blast of hash on the way to a midnight showing of the Rocky Horror Picture Show. I wore black fishnets, a formfitting dark and white striped top, and a leather jacket with matching combat boots. Battle Armor for the new Millennia.

My dilated eyeballs popped out right of my skull from the bright light of the auditorium. Garish lizards fluttered by, twirling their rainbow tutus and speaking in an unidentifiable lispy tongue. There is no way to describe The Fear I felt once the light fell and the darkness was broken by a giant crimson pair of luscious lips cooing about the upcoming extraterrestrial takeover. A group of freaks to my right roared enthusiastically as a young topless lass swayed to the ethereal voice filling the theater to my left. I was right in the middle of a freak preapocalyptic free for all.

Seconds or hours went by and the ominous lips had gone away, replaced by a wild series of flamboyant images and events I could not process. Time had moved on but I had not. After a seemingly impromptu dance sequence, I stood up in my chair and screamed:


Truly, a perverted perspective totally missed by those coddled in the saccharine arms of sobriety. Or…..? I looked out at the room filled with pairs of eyes staring back at me. The odd one out, no easy feat in such a crowd.

My legs felt rubbery as I slumped back down into my seat and all of eyes blinked and returned their attention back to the giant flashing screen, the brief flight of lunacy already forgiven, perhaps even forgotten.

A druggie can learn to cope with things like seeing a glowing red pair of disembodied lips revealing a prophecy of doom or a giant mechanized dragon stomping down an intersection spewing oil on bystanders and breathing fire on the asphalt.

Does the Freak take the Drug or does the Drug make the Freak?

Where to turn when the world appears grey after having one’s stimulus levels elevated to astronomical proportions.

Jesus! The pros and cons of dabbling in the dark arts.


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