Omission Accomplished

When the voodoo goblins shoot hoodoo in your face and everyday feels like a contrived déjà vu that you don’t do so well… Oh, what the hell.

This isn’t reality! This is science fiction, goddamn it! Do Not Be Alarmed. These are minor glitches&bugs in an otherwise perfect system. Your PreApproved Virus Protection Softare is dealing with the matter. Your regularly scheduled program of anger and noise will resume momentarily. These bastards voted for the Bush Administration and killed Michael Jackson. Anonymity is shrinking and the puppeteers are doing a pisspoor job of hiding their strings.

A pebble thrown into a backyard pond. Or are these ripples of cosmic proportions?

It’ll start early one morning, awakened by a rattle & hum and the buzz of a stinging rain. Peel back the curtains and see pigs flattening flowerbeds and leavng giant hoofprint indentations in the pavement with their ironshoes. Press your hand against the window and watch as time appears to freeze, the event horizon lying just beyond your fingertips shielded behind a thin layer of cold glass.

What’s happening on the Other Side defies all rationality and our species hasn’t evolved long enough to know the answers.
When you hear your train a-comin’ will you board peacefully or be dragged along kicking & pleading?

Words Of Advice:  
Bite your first, step into the void and give it a big hug.
Then firmly plant a knife in its back, for precautionary measures.


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