Like Smoke. I Know We’re No Good.

As I watch the news (by which I mean scroll twitter feeds and read up on status updates from friends on subjects mainstream media doesn’t have the ovaries to touch) I can’t help but feel. Feel that there is a concealed mathematical equation that determines that value of a human life that only a select handfew of people are privileged enough to see. An equation that was secretly drilled into our heads through questionable¬†cockamamie Common Core lessons and gilded handmedown generational morals.

How else do you justify our fellow citizens, beings you frequently break bread with, doing everything in their warped psyche to justify the murders & persecution of persons who look like the faces standing next to themselves? How souls can sling mud at those who look just like them for not playing into laughably asinine respectability politics? How people have continuously treated each other horribly throughout the ages based on nothing more than ignorance & misdirected loathing?

& worst yet, there appears to be no end in sight. In time I have no doubt that the situation in Gaza will be forgotten like the horrors we started in Iraq, Afghanistan, and much of the Middle East. The full blown civil war in Ferguson, MO will be overlooked like the Trayvon Martins, Michael Dunns, and Renisha McBrides & thousands of other cases before them. Our trans&queer brothers/sisters/nonbinarysiblings will continue to be slain in cold blood without any media attention. And the vicious cycle will repeat itself.

Many revolutions in history (and certainly every one that I’ve been a part of) has failed and will continue to fail, while the Undeniable Evil grows more powerful by the second.

I hear often that I’m “too negative” and should be more optimistic.

Most of my heroes are dead and the human race may very well be on the verge of a catastrophic meltdown long overdue. Someone tell me how to be an optimist about this.

Because I’ve run out of ideas.


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  1. just straughter · November 24, 2014



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